GPS trackers

Why does Swapfiets install GPS trackers on their e-Bikes?

At the moment we are equipping our e-Bikes with GPS trackers, therefore your e-Bike might contain a GPS tracker. The GPS location will only be activated in exceptional circumstances, such as when an E-bike is reported lost or stolen but also when a member has an outstanding debt. By using GPS we can also enforce heavy-user subscriptions for members who ride more than 1000 km’s a month.

How does location tracking work?

The trackers in our bike can collect data about the number of kilometers ridden and the location of the bike. The GPS location of the bike (and our member) is never visible. We can only track your bike in case one of the situations outlined in the terms and conditions occurs: you report your e-Bike as missing/stolen or you have an outstanding debt.

Does Swapfiets track the location of their e-Bikes continuously?

No. We find it important to emphasise that we only use location data in exceptional circumstances; when an e-Bike is reported stolen/lost or in the event of outstanding debt. The GPS location is activated from that moment onwards. No historical data will be visible to Swapfiets.

Is the GPS protected bike in line with GDPR regulations?

Yes. All GPS data are stored in line with GDPR restrictions. The data is stored in two separate systems (member- and GPS data are separated) that are both under heavy security measures.

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