Discount codes

You can invite your friends to get a discount for you, and your friends! This is how it works: 

1. Get your personal code: Go to the Swapfiets App and click on 'Account' in the side menu. Here you will be able to redeem a voucher and invite your friends. Click on 'Earn up to €75'. 

2. Share your personal code: Make sure your friends use your code for €7.50 off when signing up for Swapfiets.

3. You receive a €7.50 discount: As soon as your friends get their Swapfiets, you also receive a €7.50 discount that will be settled with the next payment.

More questions about discounts? Find the answers to the most common questions below.

How is the discount settled?

If 3 friends sign up for Swapfiets with your personal code, you build up a €22,50 discount. If your monthly subscription fee is €16,90 you pay €0,- the next month. The following month your remaining discount of €5,60 will be settled and you will pay €11,30. The more friends who use your discount code, the higher your discount will be.

I sent the discount code to my friends. How do I know if they used it?

Once your friends have signed up you will automatically receive an email from us. When the Swapfiets has been delivered to your friend you will receive another email confirming that your discount will be settled with your next payment. 

With how many friends can I share my code?

You can share your code with a maximum of 10 friends.

I want to gift a Swapfiets, how can I do that?

Unfortunately we do not offer vouchers, you can however refer a friend of course.

How do I redeem promotions?

Have you received a promotional code? Lucky you! This can also be redeemed after signing up. If you have a promo code, you can redeem in 2 ways.

  • During checkout. Fill in your code in the field promo code during the third step of the sign-up process. 
  • In the App. Go to the Swapfiets App and click on 'Account' in the side menu. Here you will be able to redeem a voucher.

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