I want to change to a different product or plan

When you’re interested in using one of our products additional to, or instead of your current product type you can always switch! 

Please contact our customer support so they can inform you on how to change your subscription and to plan your Swap. After you have received the new product, the T&C’s and pricing will apply.

I want to switch from or to a heavy user subscription. Is that possible?

In case you ride more than a 1000 km per month or you want to use the bike for commercial activities, like the delivery of meals, goods, groceries etc. you can always switch to a heavy user subscription. Not working anymore and/or riding less? Then we can make sure you are switched back to a regular subscription. Contact our support team for more information. 

What are my monthly costs if I change? 

The payment in the month after changing can be a little bit confusing. This will  consists out of 2 parts:

  • The payment for the usage of the old subscription, for example 21 days of use of the Original
  • The payment for the usage  of the new subscription, for example 10 days of use of the Power 1

Furthermore, Every month there will be prepayment for the current month. For example, on the 1st of June there will be a prepayment for the month of June. This could mean that, when changing, the costs might appear higher than normal due to the prepayment.

On your invoice you can find more information. Find this in our App.  

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