Subscription types

If you are looking for information about our subscriptions, have a look on our website. Search for the service area closest to you and you will find the subscriptions and pricing we offer. In most cities were Swapfiets is active, we have two options for your contract and contract period:

A monthly subscription. This subscription can be terminated on a monthly basis, with one months notice. If you choose this option we will charge a one-off fee when you sign up. These costs can depend on the region, and are specified when during the registration. These costs will be charged together with your first monthly payment.

A 6 month subscription. When you know that you will be using Swapfiets for a longer period. When you choose this subscription we will not charge a one-off fee. After 6 your subscription can be cancelled monthly.

Any other questions regarding your subscription? Find the most common questions below. 

How does a heavy user subscription work?

In case you ride more than a 1000 km per month or you want to use the bike for commercial activities, like the delivery of meals, goods, groceries etc. You can always switch to or from a heavy user subscription.

Not working anymore and/or riding less? Then we can make sure you are switched back to a regular subscription. 

Can I get a basket for my bike?

Indeed! Swapfiets also offers subscriptions for basket as an add-on to the regular subscriptions. The basket is available for all the Swapfiets-models, and it can be added to your current subscription for €2,00 extra a month.

When receiving your bike for the first time you can ask our colleagues to attach the basket for you! In case you already have the bike you can plan an appointment for the bike at your nearest Swapfiets-store. 

The basket cannot be purchased as a separate subscription and is always in combination with a Swapfiets subscription. In case the basket gets stolen, we will charge €12,50. 

I only want to use my bike for a week and then return it. Is it possible? 

The minimum duration of a subscription is one month, because of the notice period. In case you want to use it for a short period, make sure you pick a subscription that you can cancel monthly.

When you feel like you don't need the bike anymore, you can cancel your subscription via our App. 

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